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T'Ang Dynasty Tea Chest

T'Ang Dynasty Tea Chest

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The T'Ang Dynasty Tea Chest is a Collectors; Workshop original product. This not only represents great Magic and top quality craftsmanship, but it is an ENTERTAINING effect with mystery, Magic and mirth.


EFFECT: The performer states that in ancient China, select tea was considered more valuable than gold. Tea was traded for only the most precious of commodities. He asks to borrow a ladies wedding band, the symbol of love and treasure. The ring is placed within a small envelope which is set to one side.


A beautiful walnut tea chest is now shown and opened. The interior is full of select teas from the Emperor's private collection, undoubtedly procured at great expense from the local Target store.


The spectator is now asked to tear open the small envelope that contains her ring, as it must now be offered in trade. To everyone's surprise, the ring has vanished and in its place is the Emperors tea!


A tea bag is removed from the chest and incredibly, the spectators ring is sealed within the tea bag which must be torn open in order to remove the ring!


You are supplied with a hand-crafted walnut tea chest with hand stamped Chinese characters and even a government seal of commerce. The beauty of this effect will be evident once you handle the props and learn the routine. Magic, mystery, romance and comedy. Complete with detailed instructions and many color photos showing the complete handling.


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