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THINNER (Gimmick and Online Instruction) by Mathieu Bich

THINNER (Gimmick and Online Instruction) by Mathieu Bich

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THINNER (Diminishing Card Case + Diminishing Cards): 

You remove a deck from a card case, the card case magically flattens out! 

With the cards in your hands, you squeeze them with your fingertips and one fourth of the deck seems to disappear! 

You will repeat that 3 times, and each time about 1/4 of the cards disappear! 

At the end you'll only have 4 cards in your hands -- these are the 4 Aces (or any 4 cards you want).

  • Easy to perform and self contained
  • No palming of any kind
  • Long lasting gimmick
  • VERY visual and customizable
  • Perfect for close-up or parlor -- it was Mathieu's closer at the Magic Castle for years

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