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Wall Street by Julio Montoro and Gentlemen's Magic

Wall Street by Julio Montoro and Gentlemen's Magic

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A multiple bill change with removable gimmick! 

Wall Street allows you to change any type of bill multiple times in an insanely visual way: the bill stays in full view all the time, no cover needed. With just a shake, the change happens! 

The best part? It works with bills of any size and you can give the last bill out for examination. 

Easy to build, easy to perform! 

The construction of the gimmick is simple, and you will be guided step by step by Julio Montoro. All the bills will remain intact and you can easily take your gimmick apart to get them back. 

A few minutes after the construction, you will be able to perform Wall Street. A minimum effort for a maximum impact! 

Keep in mind: 

- Insanely visual bill change 

- No cover, no difficult moves 

- Allows you to change multiple bills 

- The bills used will remain intact 

- Give the last bill out for examination 

- Everything (except bills) included in the package


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