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Marksman Refill - Luke Jermay

Marksman Refill - Luke Jermay

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The Marksman Deck became an overnight success -- magicians worldwide have been using it as their go-to deck ever since it was released. Finally, refill decks are available!  these decks are so cheap that you will never need to worry about keeping them safe. You can use them as your normal deck of cards! 

Printed by US Playing Card Company on the finest stock, there are nine features in this special marked deck that don't exist anywhere else. This is far, far more than a simple marking system that tells you what card you're holding. If you haven't yet seen it, make sure you watch the 45-minute performance documentary in which you will see Luke perform an entire show with the Marksman Deck. 


NOTE: The Marksman Refill Pack does not come with instructions. You must purchase the Marksman Deck to learn the markings and routines.

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