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Science Friction

Science Friction

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What is Science Friction?

Science Friction is a new kind of nano based spray that is applied to playing cards. When you think of sprays for playing cards, the first thing that comes to your mind is Rough & Smooth Spray or the Non-Permanent Adhesive Spray. Science Friction leaves all these concepts behind!!!

In an unprecedented move, unlike other creators of magic, we are giving away the secret of our product BEFORE you buy it. No secret left hidden, you will immediately see and understand the beauty and the power that is waiting for you when you get Science Friction.

These key features make Science Friction so different:

  • Prepared Cards can be Handled by Spectator, the Preparation stays Undetectable
  • Science Friction, if applied properly, is undetectable for spectators, so that you even can give away the prepared cards!
  • Endless Possibilities
  • You will get a DVD with 3 hr material, all details are discussed and explained thoroughly to give you the insight how to develop your own tricks.
  • This is only the Beginning. Additional DVD's are being developed and produced.
  • Our creative juices are flowing and with other magicians we are already working on new effects that will be released on additional DVDs soon, making your investment even more valuable. If you come up with a brilliant idea please contact us, we can add your routine on the next DVD!
  • Real Magician's Fooler
  • Ever wanted to "burn" your magician friends? With Science Friction you will definitely be several steps ahead, leaving behind your baffled magician friends. They will feel like laymen again!
  • Use Borrowed Decks
  • This is the great part about Science Friction. Carry your prepared card(s) with you, if you see a matching deck laying around: Borrow it and add your card(s), you are ready to go!
  • Easy to perform Tricks and Applications, Never Possible Before
  • Bored with the tricks your friends already know? Want them to see real magic? With Science Friction they will think you are the next Dai Vernon!
  • Foolproof Preparation with Provided Spraying Templates
  • Ever feared that preparing cards is difficult? No, actually it is fun! And easy to do. We provide special Spraying Templates that fit all standard Poker cards but also the new Parlour Size Cards for Magicians. It cannot get easier. We promise!
  • Tricks based on the Preparation of Single Cards, not on Complete Decks
  • Here comes the Revolutionary Part: with Science Friction there is no need of having a prepared "partner card" to work, like you know this from any deck based on Rough & Smooth. You prepare one card, it will work with ANY other one.
  • Long Lasting Spray Can, good for 500+ Preparations
  • As you only have to prepare single cards, the spray will last forever. (At least it feels this way!)
  • Preparation completely Removable
  • If you want to find new possibilities and don't want to ruin a precious gimmick from a purchased trick or an expensive Collector's Deck... Go ahead and try. If you like you can remove the applied spray easily.
  • Perfect Pocket Management! The Wallet provided is good for a Dozen Different Tricks
  • The Professionals know how important a good pocket management is. If you are booked for strolling, you can't fill your pockets with trick deck after trick deck. Regain your pockets! You need only carry a single deck! The provided wallet is perfect for storing all your prepared cards.
  • Simplification of Classic Sleights
  • Just imagine doing Double or Triple lifts with ease. Pushing several cards over as one is just a breeze. With Science Friction you will never again telegraph these sleights.
  • All Rough and Smooth Effects are possible with Science Friction with a Fraction of the Usual Preparation (max 50%)
  • Do you remember the effects using Rough & Smooth where you had to ask the spectator to TOUCH a card because the cards would not separate by themselves? Now you can let the spectator TAKE the card! And this is only one advantage! Just think about the other possibilities. How would you set up your Invisible Deck?!
  • Prepared Cards don't Attract Dust and Dirt Like Sticky Cards
  • Do you hate the look of cards that have the non-permanent adhesive on them? After a while they attract dust and grease, making the gimmick useless and detectable. Even worse, the card gimmick is ruined and has to be replaced as a new preparation is nearly impossible. Science Friction stays clean, and if you need to refresh the preparation, you just remove it first and within 5 minutes you are ready to go with a fully functional new gimmick - using the same trick card again.
  • Odorless Results
  • OK, Science Friction stinks if you use it in a closed room, but this you should never do with an Aerosol anyway. The good part is: the preparation for an effect only takes perhaps a second of a spray, there is hardly no smell in the room. Plus, after drying, there is no smell on the card gimmicks.
  • Super Fast Drying Time
  • Need a gimmick fast? Wake up in the middle of the night with a brilliant new idea? Can't wait until you can test it? Science Friction won't let you wait for long! Just a puff, wave the gimmicked card a few times, and you are good to go. (If you want to be safe wait the drying time recommended on the spray can.)


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